Monday, January 27, 2014

Haggis Burger

It happens every year. You hold a great Burns Day dinner and the next day you realize you have a wee bit of haggis left over. Here's a creative way to incorporate haggis with some ground beef and Americanize the wee beastie. 

I took equal parts of haggis and 80/20 ground beef and mixed them (make sure the haggis is room temperature or it will lump up too much). I formed patties, added a dash of salt and pepper, and threw them on the grill. I poured a drop of Lophraig Single Malt, it has a very intense smoky flavor, to one side and when I flipped I repeated with the whisky on the other. Be careful not to add too much as it will catch fire.

I originally wanted to use a Stilton cheese, but since the Lopraig and the haggis have rich flavors I was afraid that me be overkill so I used Swiss cheese. Some deli mustard and a few strips of bacon complete the burger.

The verdict? Amazing. Try it sometime.

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