Saturday, January 25, 2014

Haggis from The Scottish Gourmet

When I went to Scotland a few years back I never got the change to try haggis. We were only there for one night and there wasn't the opportunity. This became a regret and thankfully regrets can often be corrected. 

With Burns Day approaching I searched the internet and came across The Scottish Gourmet in New Jersey and saw that they carry a one-pound haggis sausage and can ship overnight. I bit the bullet and ordered one the Tuesday before. It arrived on Thursday still frozen.

The haggis took 45 minutes to reheat, it is pre-cooked, and in that time I cooked the tatties (potatoes) and keeps (turnips). Unfortunatley I used a white turnip and it came out a but watery, but still good. That is a whisky sauce on it made with Lophraig single malt, the same whisky as seen in the glass. Oh, and that is my Black Stewart kilt in the photo.

Haggis, if you have never tried it, is quite tasty with a hearty and slightly spicy taste. Think Scottish soul food. I would have it again and I would definitely use Scottish Gourmet again.

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