Saturday, October 5, 2013

Greenwich Wine and Food Festival Pictures- and some comments

We had the pleasure of going to the Greenwich Wine and Food Festival on October 5th with the intention of watching and writing about the burger cook-off. We did catch part of the burger event, but along the way we had a bit of a sensory overload.

Bacon wrapped figs stuffed with blue cheese over brandy.

We arrived at eleven thirty and the gates opened at twelve so we talked to a nice couple from Rhode Island who write a wine blog while we waited and watched the line build up behind us. Now being amongst the first in we had a distinct advantage going through the Culinary Village tent, there was no crowd as yet. 

Bloody Caesar
This gave us the chance to sample without being jostled, as was the case later in the day after the crowds built up. And there was plenty to sample, both in food and spirits. Quite a few wineries, multiple vodka companies, and some gin purveyors were giving out rather large samples of their wares. Later, at the burger event, there were several beer companies giving samples.

There were some favorites that I went for, like the Octopus, and I got adventurous as well trying a fried head cheese slider and some tongue. An event like this is a good place to get adventurous and explore new options. 

Fried head cheese slider

Of course as we were sampling we were grabbing business cards and making notes as to what restaurants we would be visiting in the future. That's another reason we like these events as we can broaden our culinary horizons.

Between our rounds at the Culinary Village tent we popped over the CT Bites Blogger Village to view some interviews with celebrity chefs. Duff Goldman, The Ace of Cakes, was the first we saw and he was interesting. 
Duff Goldman
And next up was Chef Graham Elliot, of the Masterchef show, who had dropped about a hundred pounds. He was quite interesting and gracious enough to pose for a picture with my wife which made her day, and some of her friends a bit jealous.

Graham Elliot
Then it was back to grazing and it was more crowded, a hotter, under the tent. That didn't stop us from picking up on what we missed the first time through. 

We did find some new things, and had a second helping of our favorites. 

Quail Eggs
The quail eggs were very nice, as was the tuna below. By now it was time for the burger event to start so we left the tent and headed for the smaller tent.
Ahi tuna
The Burger event was in a smaller tent and when they started serving you would have though that the hundreds of people lining up for burgers hadn't eaten in weeks. We did manage to press in and I tried three burgers. The one below was okay, but a bit dry. I tried a spicy one from a famous restaurant and didn't like it. Too dry as well.
Nice burger
This burger, shown below, was amazing. Nice and moist and full of taste. By this point it was too crowded, and I was juggling too many plates already, to sample more and get the full effect. 
Amazing burger
Overall it was a really nice experience and the event was for a good cause, The Hole in the Wall Camp. 

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