Saturday, September 21, 2013

Tavern 483- Brookfield, CT

Fried Oysters

A while back we stopped at a food tasting in Brookfield and discovered a few places we wanted to try. Tavern 483 was one of them and we finally got there on a Saturday afternoon just as the shy opened up and the rain fell. As we went in we saw that inside it is small, seating about sixty or so, and nicely appointed. As the place was nearly empty we were told to choose our own table. After doing so we were given water and menus.

After perusing the menu I ordered the fried oysters appetizer at ten bucks. When they came I looked at them and figured they were hand made at the restaurant as the shapes weren't quite perfect, which was a good sign. Biting into one I saw that the outside was golden brown and crispy while the inside was creamy and cool, the way fried oysters should be. Unfortunately I think the oysters themselves were frozen as there was a slight oily aftertaste. Not terribly bad, but it was a bit of a letdown. The high points were that the remoulade sauce had a very nice smoky chipotle taste and  there was also a very good corn salsa with it. Both were obviously homemade and I saved the remaining remoulade for my upcoming fries.   


Looking over the menu I saw that the burger was char-broiled and I decided to take a pass on it. I don't like meat cooked on a broiler as the fat burns and sits on the meat leaving burnt fat, the direct opposite of grilling where the drippings fall into the fire. I decided on the Rueben at ten bucks (I've been on a Rueben kick of late) and Teresa got the Cobb salad at twelve bucks. Her's looked good and there was plenty of chicken on it, but she did have to add salt and pepper. 

The Rueben was good with a nice, reasonably lean, corned beef. The waitress informed me that they were out of Swiss cheese so I had them use American (Cheddar, the other option, wouldn't have melted well) and it was an okay substitution. The fries were of the frozen variety but they were deep fried to perfection with a crispy, golden exterior and a soft interior. Dipped in the remoulade they were even better.

Overall, not bad, but not great either. The food was good, service good, but the food was very slow coming out, especially since there was only one other table and they were nearly done. Prices seemed a bit high for the portions. Now they've only been open a few months so it is possible there are a few kinks in the system they're working on so I'll stop back again sometime to give them another try. 

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