Saturday, April 13, 2013

Skull Splitter Ale from Scotland

Skull Splitter comes from the Orkney Brewery in Scotland and is a wee heavy beer. That means it weighs in at 8.5% so it isn't a light weight. It has a really nice taste, one of the finest Scottish Ales I've tasted and goes well with red meats. I had it with duck.  

From the company web site-
Appearance- A crystal-clear, rich tawny-red colour beer; a tight, smooth head with hints of red and amber colour.
Aroma- Juicy, almost fruity malt character, together with a medley of fresh and dried fruits, dates and figs, hints of ginger and cinnamon spice, hints of vanilla.
Palate- A rich, fruity, wine-like complexity on the palate includes fresh and dried fruits, warm exotic spices, and light summer citrus fruits.
Key Ingredients- Very best pale ale malt – and plenty of it – together with crystal and chocolate malts provide a rich, fruity backbone which is perfectly balanced by the spicy herbal character of East Kent Goldings hops.

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