Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Longhorn, Newburgh

We tried the Longhorn in Newburgh shortly after they opened and I wrote a review, and it wasn't all that good. After consideration I decided to remove it since they had just opened and it really wasn't fair. Now that they've been open for a bit we went back to try them. That and the fact that they had an $11.95 steak special. I must say it was much better than the first time, but it is still not amazing. 

I had the sirloin covered in baked potato, bacon, cheese and scallions. I ordered it medium and it was real close to medium. It was also fairly tender, yet lacking in seasoning. I got the seasoned fries with it (I didn't taste any seasoning) and a salad. Teresa had the bourbon and bacon wrapped sirloin medium well with a salad and a baked sweet potato. Hers was not as tender as mine, but there was more flavor. The sweet potato was quite good though and it had a cinnamon butter. Both were $11.95 so all things considered, we got what we paid for.  

Overall, not bad. The service was good, the food was non-stellar but reasonable, and even though the steak was only six ounces (okay, that's a normal serving size) we left full. If you remember that it is a chain it isn't bad and I'd say they are on par with Applebee's Texas Roadhouse or TGI Friday's, but below Outback or Chili's.

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