Saturday, March 30, 2013

Wayfarer Delicatessan and Bistro, Wilmington, NC

Whistlin' Dixie Burger

I've had a few people telling me that I needed to visit the Wayfarer Deli, and to do it quickly because I didn't know what I was missing. Well, today I had the chance and I found out they were right. I should have gone long ago, and a few times between. I know I'll be going again because the have very good food, excellent service, and a charming atmosphere in a very small place which adds a cozy feel to it.

What I had was the 'Whistlin' Dixie Burger' (shown above) which consisted of bacon, pimento cheese, green tomatoes and Cajun remoulade on a pretzel bun. A shorter description is amazing. Light, lean and full of flavor, and juices. Teresa had a side of Mac and cheese and a small shrimp and corn chowder soup. Also amazing. 

I had the chance to talk with the owner about food and found him to be friendly and hospitable. Our waitress was very good and pleasant, as was everyone else there. So here we go, if you haven't been there yet, get there. 

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