Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Five Favorite Restaurants. Beacon Falls Cafe

We discovered The Beacon Falls Cafe close to two years ago and it has become a favorite 'go to' place. With close to a dozen visits under our belts I can honestly state that the food and service are consistently excellent.

While my favorites are the burgers, the one below was the one I named the Best of 2012, I have ventured into other parts of the menu. The Cockles were delightful, the shrimp scampi full of butter and garlic, yet not overpowering, the fried duck wings amazing and the Rhode Island Calamari wonderful. 

Bob's Blazing Burger

The restaurant is a cute little place (seating less than fifty?) and is well appointed featuring the work of local artists and photographers. The owners, Bob and Linda Nevelus, know what they're doing and they have a well-trained staff. 

Beacon Falls Burger
Bob is a retired police officer who, while protecting and serving, learned to cook and serve at the CIA. He has classical training, yet is not afraid to try different, and wonderful, things. He also has very good taste in beer and has an extensive craft beer list with daily specials.  

Shrimp Scampi
We've brought friends to BFC and they raved about it. We've recommended BFC to other friends and they also rave about it. 

Rhode Island Calamari

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