Monday, October 15, 2012

My Favorite Restaurants. Caprice Bistro, Wilmington, NC

One place that has to be on my top five is the Caprice Bistro in Wilmington. I looked at the menu on July 14th, 2011 (Bastille Day) after having eaten elsewhere and it was one of those, "Wow I coulda had a . . ." moment. The following week we were back and it has become a favorite.

Inside it is small, warm, romantic and friendly. On a visit during a heavy rainstorm we were seated near the window and looking out I could have sworn I was in Paris or Montreal. 

Duck Confit
Caprice Bistro is a Belgian restaurant patterned after the one the owners had in Greenwich Village, NY. They feature French classics with a Belgian twist, One of the best dishes there is the Duck Confit, shown above. It is moist and delicious. 

Pork Loin
The pork loin is tender, moist and delicious too. 

Petit Gris Escargots
The snails in roquefort are absolutely amazing. After I finish the escargot I love to mop up the sauce with the fresh bread. This could very easily be a part of my death row meal.

Love the Mussels. The picture above is an appetizer size order, we had this with a cheese plate, but my absolute favorite are the mussels Bruxelles. Made with bacon, cream, wheat beer and probably close to two pounds of fresh mussels this is an amazing dish. Add the frites and you are in Heaven.

And the deserts are delightful, if you can save room. I can't wait until I get back there in April. 

Floating Islands Desert

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