Thursday, August 23, 2012

Food Photography Tips 2,3,4

Photo Tips Continued

# 2- Look at food photos

Sounds like a no-brainer, but it really is the best way to learn food photography. Look through food magazines, look at food ads, look at food blogs and you will see some good examples of proper photos, and what is in style. You will also see some really crappy pictures, especially on food blogs. When I go to a fast food restaurant I look at the menu photos and try to figure out how they were shot, and how I would do it differently.

You can look at the different styles of food photography and try to emulate, or improve. Many food photographers have different styles and they are all good, well most of them anyway.

#3- Shoot Fast

Food has a rather short window while it looks good. If you pre-plan it shouldn’t take more than two or three minutes to get a few good pictures of the dish, so this shouldn’t be a problem, and the food will still be hot enough to eat when you’re done. That’s a side bonus.

There is one trick I will share involving doctoring food. If you paint a small amount of olive oil on meats, especially sausages, it makes them look juicier. I say olive oil because the meat will still be edible. Don’t use anything on the food you wouldn’t eat.

#4- Be a Minimalist

Simple is better and the fewer things you have in the photo, the better. Too much can be distracting. Take a look at the beer picture below. I took it using available light. Note how the light is coming through the glass of Ruination IPA and you can see that you are in a bar, even though the background is blurred out. By the way, the drops of condensation on the table were a happy accident. 

The bread basket below was done in available light and I like the simplicity of the picture. The white of the linens, the glow of the basket and the warm look of the bread with a hint of dark in the upper right hand corner.

The Grouper photo shows a bit more background, but not much more. 

A little clutter can work sometimes too. This photo is busier, but I like the color balance.

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