Saturday, July 7, 2012

Marc's on Market, Wilmington, NC

I have heard good things about Marc's on Market, many good things, so we decided to stop by one Saturday evening at about 5:30. The restaurant sits in a strip mall in Ogden and is very simple outside. Inside it is simple, yet tastefully decorated in an unassuming manner. In fact everything about this place is unassuming which allows the amazing food to shine through.

We were greeted as we entered and asked if we had a reservation, to which we replied that we did not. The girl then said we could sit at a table in the bar area where it would be quieter anyway (there was no one at the bar) so we agreed and had that section to ourselves until a party of three arrived as we were finishing. We chose a table by the window, all the better to take food pictures, and were given water, menus and some really good bread. 
We looked over the menus, Marc's has a limited menu and as long as there are things I like on it that is a good thing since you know they are concentrating on doing a few things right instead of lots of things medicre. I decided to try a cup of the soup, a creamy tomato with truffle oil, and it was quite tasty. Light, yet flavorful.  
For her entree Teresa chose the pork tenderloin. She said it was delicious and I tasted a piece and agreed. Tender, moist and the perfect taste. It was sitting on a mixture of sweet and mashed potatoes (looking like a cream-sickle) and tasted sweet and creamy. She said it was one of the best tenderloins she'd had.
As for me, I debated between the Divers Scallops, the grouper and the short ribs. I decided on the grouper and I have to say that I made an excellent choice. I am certain that the scallops would have been delightful, but the grouper was magnificent. It was perfectly cooked with plenty of butter and oil and crusted in a spinach and Panko mixture. There are roasted cherry tomatoes and fingerling potatoes (both white and dark). 
Then we did something we do not ordinarily do, we ordered a desert. The espresso creme broulee shown above. It was light, yet sweet. Cold on the bottom and warm on the top, a perfect ending to a perfect meal.

Overall impressions? Ambiance good, service excellent (Sarah took very good care of us and was warm and friendly), food amazing, prices fair. Everything I'd heard about Marc's on Market was true and I am a new fan. Try them soon and you will be too. 

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