Saturday, April 14, 2012

Full Moon Cafe, Lambertville, NJ

In a word, mediocre. In two words, bland and mediocre. If you want more words, keep reading.

We stopped by the Full Moon Cafe in Lambertville for lunch on the way home from Pennsylvania. We were looking for a Mexican place but didn't find it so as we wandered we stopped in front of The Full Moon and looked at the menu which held about a half-dozen varieties of eggs benedict. I like a good eggs benedict and I figured that any place that offered so many varieties should do a good job of it. Inside it has an eclectic look to it and the restaurant would feel at home in New Paltz or Woodstock. In fact some of the crowd looked like they'd feel at home there too. 

The menu was interesting and I ordered the special eggs benedict with salmon and spinach. My son ordered the steak sandwich and Teresa got a chicken wrap. It took a very long time to get the food. A very long time, but they did apologize a few times for the delay.

I expected my dish to have smoked salmon on it, but instead there was a rather large piece of salmon. When I tasted it I realized it was overcooked, not to the point of being inedible, but rather to the point of not really being worth eating. I'm certain that fish had spent some time in a freezer. The eggs were overcooked as well, with one of them being closer to the consistency of a hard-boiled egg inside. Nowhere near a poached egg. The hollandaise sauce was flat and flavorless. In fact the only thing that had any taste was the leaf spinach sautéed in oil and lemon juice Greek style. I guess I was wrong in my earlier assumption about a restaurant that features eggs Benedict being able to produce a good one. It wasn't terrible, I did finish it, but it wasn't good. It was just there, total mediocrity. 

The other two dishes were similar in quality with the steak sandwich being tough, like someone cut up (more like hacked with a machete blade) some leftover roast beef. Thirty-four bucks plus tip for medicre food that took forever to make. Too bad as there is potential there in location, menu and decor. They probably do well enough with the tourist trade but I seriously doubt they have a loyal local clientele. As for me, I'll pass by next time and go to the Lambertville Station or try someplace else.

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