Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Copper Bottom, Florida, NY

As we drove through Florida (the village in NY that is) on the way to Saint Anthony's Hospital in Warwick we passed by a bakery that looked interesting, but not open yet. On the way home we stopped and while the bakery looked okay, the restaurant next door looked better, especially after looking at the menu they had posted outside.

So we went in and were given our choice of seats in the right dining room (there are two of them) and looked at the menus. I knew right off what I wanted, the Angus burger with bacon, swiss cheese and grilled onion for $7.95. It came with fries and I ordered it medium. Teresa looked at the menu and decided on the quiche of the day for the same price.
When my burger came it had a ton of crisp bacon on it, cheese oozing all over and onions galore. When I tasted, it was a fresh, perfectly cooked, delectable, medium burger. The quiche was excellent as well and it came with a ton of salad and fruit. 

Overall, excellent restaurant with good food, good service and good prices. While we were eating the owner came out to see how everything was and we struck up a conversation. He said they've been open a few weeks and that he was the original owner of the place, and that he had another restaurant in Slate Hill. Stop by and give them a try sometime.
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