Thursday, February 23, 2012

Covo, Harlem, NY

New York City, especially Harlem, is quite a bit off of our beaten path, but we went to Covo Trattoria in Harlem for a mid-week wedding. Well, my wife and three of her friends were invited so instead of having them take the train down and deal with cabs and busses in an unfamiliar city I volunteered to drive them. 

The wedding was upstairs in the bar area which easily accommodated the fifty or so people who were there. As we walked through the downstairs dining room to get to the stairs I remarked that the restaurant had a nice feel to it and there was the scent of the wood-fired pizza oven. 

The wedding was nice. The food was excellent. They had a sampling menu for the wedding which gave me the opportunity to try a few dishes. The brucshetta, shown on top, was very garlicky in a good way. The calamari was cooked perfectly with just the right texture. The pizza was brick oven with thin crust and quite good. The Three pastas offered were very good and I couldn't decide on a favorite. The salmon was okay, the lemon chicken very good and the steak overcooked and tough (a victim of the steam table waiting to be served, something that probably wouldn't happen with a regular dinner order).

The service was very good and friendly and the location warm and inviting. They have a website for more information. 

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