Saturday, December 17, 2011

Molly Darcy's, Danbury, CT.

We had to go to Trader Joe's today so we did a few stops in Danbury and the next thing we knew it was time for lunch. I'd spotted Molly Darcy's once or twice in the past and made a note to stop sometime. Today was that sometime and the question is, should you stop?

It was relatively empty for a Saturday afternoon and we were asked where we wanted to sit. We took a table in the main dining area and the waitress gave us menus and went for water. I looked around and it's a typical Irish bar/restaurant with plenty of wood on the floors and tables and pictures on the walls of Irish things. 

After looking through the menu we decided on bacon cheeseburgers. I ordered mine medium with rashers (Irish bacon that is somewhat like Canadian bacon, but crisper) in place of the standard bacon and Teresa ordered hers with regular American bacon, cooked medium-well. We both opted for cheddar cheese. I was thinking about fish and chips or the traditional Irish breakfast, but the blood pudding with the breakfast isn't my favorite so I passed.

We waited for quite some time to get the burgers and we were wondering if they ground their own beef and were chasing the cow around the back yard. Our waitress did bring us more water while we waited. When the burgers came I could see why they took so long. My medium was a well-done and Teresa's was an extremely well-done. They were hot, but they were over done and lacking in flavor. The fries were not bad. Maybe I should have gone with that breakfast.

Overall experience? Not impressed. So back to that earlier question, maybe you shouldn't stop. There are many better places to go nearby, like Rosy Tomorrows.

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