Sunday, October 16, 2011

Best of the Hudson Valley, 2011

Cowboy Burger at Ward's Bridge Inn
It may be a bit early in the year for this, but I saw that Hudson Valley Magazine did their Best of 2011 list so I thought I'd come up with mine. Mine is more of a list for regular people. This is the Hudson Valley edition and I've included links to the reviews. Some of the reviews are older, but I've been to every one of these places this year and I've based the winners on this years visits as well as consistency over time.

I'll be doing the best overall that I've eaten at from NY to NC closer to the end of the year.

Best Burger- The Cowboy Burger at Ward's Bridge Inn in Montgomery, shown here. This was a stiff competition and I chose the winner based on flavor, presentation, price and most importantly because it comes properly cooked. When I order medium I want it medium. The Raccoon Saloon was so close that I may have to do a comparison someday.

Best Greek Restaurant- This goes to The Greek Cafe in Middletown. They make their own gyro meat fresh. Prices are reasonable, food is wonderful and service very good.

Best Italian- Once again I have to say that the Nu-Cavu in Wallkill is my favorite. Eggplant, seafood dishes, chicken, whatever I've had there is good. Coming in close were Napoli's and Gloria's Griddle in Vails Gate, The Cauldron in Montgomery and The Olde Erie House in Middletown.

Best Diner- The Alexis Diner in Newburgh, hands down. I've eaten there close to a hundred times and I'll be back another hundred. A close second is the Cup and Saucer Diner in Pine Bush.

Best Pizza- Guido's Pizzeria in Walden. Union Square does make a very good brick oven pizza though and Cosimo's is good as well.

Best Chinese- Ming Jie House, Walden.

Best German Restaurant- The Gunk Haus in Highland. Yes, they overcooked my burger but everything else was amazing, including the view.

Best Fast Food- Five Guys Burgers and Fries in Newburgh. Well, they aren't that fast but they sure are good.

Best Local Beer- Keegan Ales Hurricane Kitty.

Best Mexican- Maya Cafe and Cantina in Fishkill.

Best Barbeque- Holy Smoke, Mahopac.

Best Cafe/Bistro- Beacon Falls Cafe. In Beacon of course. They have a neat brunch on the weekends too.

Best All You Can Eat Buffet- There is none. Well, none that I am aware of. 

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