Thursday, July 7, 2011

Steak and Shake

Southbound again and time for food and fuel. We got off Interstate 95 at exit 126 in Virginia to get gas and a bite to eat and there it was glistening in the afternoon sun, the newly built Steak and Shake. Never having been to one we decided to stop in.

There was a crowd and the young man took our name and told us that people drive up to two hours to visit one of their restaurants. I can't think of anyplace I'd drive to hours to get to, but maybe it was that good. We were seated in about five minutes and ordered. Teresa got a cheeseburger and I got the chipotle burger in the picture above. It was five bucks and included some very good fries. I also got a chocolate shake (I know, not too imaginative) for three bucks.

The kitchen is open so you can watch them cook, I like that feature. They have a waiter take your order and deliver it and they give you a glass of water as well. Kind of a retro look, but they have been around since the '30's so maybe they aren't really retro but the styles have caught up to them again.

Bottom line is that the food was excellent and the service matched it. Far and away better than a Mac Shack or a Hardees. I don't think I'd drive two hours to get to one, but given a choice between a Steak and Shake and the other fast food places I'd opt for the Steak and Shake, unless there was a Five Guys nearby.

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