Thursday, July 21, 2011

Otto's Brauhaus, Horsham, PA

Here's another place we've been passing for quite some time now saying we should stop. The parking lot is always full and a German restaurant can be really good, or really mediocre. Well, today we stopped and answered that question.

The parking lot was crowded, there was a meeting going on in the big room, probably Rotary or Chamber of Commerce, and a few diners in the room we were in. We opted not to eat outdoors, it was too hot. The waitresses are dressed in German dresses and the decor is wood, lots of wood.

Teresa got a chicken wrap and I decided to get some German Soul food, bratwurst with potato pancakes and red cabbage. It was, well a bit bland. Yes, I know that German food is not all that spicy but the brats were veal brats and had little if any flavor. The potato pancakes were too firm and the red cabbage tasted like it came from a jar. It was a bit disappointing, especially when compared to Stoudt's in Lancaster and Chicago Brauhaus.

Overall, I think we'll keep going past Otto's. They have a website for more information.

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