Monday, July 18, 2011

The Fuzzy Peach, Wilmington, NC

The Fuzzy Peach has four locations and the one we visited was the one on Front Street. It's an interesting place. What you do is gab your cup, put in your frozen yogurt, add toppings and have it weighed. They the charge you forty cents an ounce. Be careful, you can add some serious weight if you aren't watching what you're doing.

They have several flavors including; peanut butter, vanilla, chocolate, ginger (my favorite), tart, cookies and cream and more. The topping include fresh fruit, candies, brownie bits, Luck Charms and more. I did find that Skittles isn't good as they freeze and are hard to eat, but the chocolate covered raisons are great frozen.

A fun place for a cool treat. They have a website for more information.


  1. Sounds just like "16 Handles."

  2. Yes, it does indeed sound like 16 Handles. Same basic concept.

  3. It is like 16 handles but take a look at this - COPIED LOGO 99% exactly from Pink Berry yogurt - lmao - very original these people are:)

  4. I looked at it and you are right. There is another store in Wilmington with the same idea as well called Tutti Frutti, accross the street from Kilwan's. I haven't been there yet.