Monday, June 6, 2011

Quincy Market, Boston, MA

Quincy Market in Boston reminds me a little of Piccadilly Circus in London. In fact, the whole city of Boston reminds me a bit of London. It is full of tourists, the people are dreadful drivers, and people speak with an accent.

There are plenty of places to eat there and my friend Steve and I decided to take a sampling tour. We started at the doghouse. I got a cheese dog and he got the chili cheese dog. Both were good dogs with a snap to them.

We tried clam chowder at Boston Chowda! after that and it was not bad, but a bit bland. We were warmed up now and wandered around

Next stop was Fisherman's Net where I had fried Calamari and Steve tried the fried oysters. The Calamari was cooked right, but I could have used a marinara sauce on the side instead of ketchup or tartar sauce. I tried the oysters and they were very good. Nice spice to them, but not overpowering.

After that we wandered around and found a guy making crepes at an outdoor stand. I got the Nicoise (strawberries and nutella) and Steve got one with bananas. They were okay, but nothing like the one I had in Montreal.

Next on the list was an apple turnover for me (mediocre) and a gelato for Steve (exceptional).

I looked at what our traveling companions were eating (we were with nine other adults and 146 teenagers) and they found interesting food as well. Chowder bowls, burritos, cookies, etc.

Our feeding frenzy ended, we wandered around the outskirts and discovered a few nice looking pubs, but alas we were chaperoning so that was out of the question. I'll be headed back to Boston over the summer with Teresa, without kids, and try some other places in the area.

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