Friday, April 29, 2011

Texas Roadhouse, Middletown, NY

See the update at the bottom before going to the Roadhouse. 

I haven't looked at chains in quite a bit, with the exception of Krispy Kreme, and there was a new Texas Roadhouse in Middletown, so I figured why not give them a try? We got there at quarter to six and were told there was a ten to twenty minute wait and given one of those buzzers that let you know when they are ready to seat you. While we waited I looked at the display of steaks in the cooler where the girl was asking if I wanted to select my own steak. Seems you can tag you own cut of meat like choosing a lobster in a seafood restaurant. I decided to look closer at the menu before I made a decision like that. Besides, looking at the raw cuts of steak made me realize that they didn't look any better than I see at Adam's. Twenty minutes later, on the dot, we were buzzed and shown to our table.

We looked over the menu and saw that the appetizers were reasonably priced so we ordered fried pickles and the Baby Blossom (blooming onion) at four bucks each. Both were good sized, and both came with Cajun horseradish dipping sauce. The onions were good, nicely fried and tasty. The pickles however were not so good as they were sliced so thin and overcooked that they were closer to fried cardboard with little taste. The best fried pickles I've had was at Goose Island Pub in Chicago, for a chain I'd recommend the fried pickles at Zaxby's Chicken.

For the entree I chose Ribeye steak and ribs at twenty bucks. I ordered the steak medium rare and when it arrived I cut it to find that they delivered a well-done steak to me. I pointed it out to the waitress and she said to nibble on it and she'd bring me one cooked right. I ate the ribs, not bad but a bit overcooked, while I waited. Less than five minutes later my new steak appeared and it was much closer to being properly cooked, half of it being medium and half being medium rare. Teresa's steak was cooked correctly at medium well.

The waitress asked me if my new steak wasn't the most awesome steak ever and she seemed a bit delfated when I simply said that it was okay. Going back to that earlier comment about seeing the steaks in the case, I can buy a cut at least equal to what they offered at the store and I can probably cook it better.

Overall, not a bad visit and we will go back again, but we're not in a rush to do so. The service was excellent, the prices good and the food okay. The atmosphere is a bit loud and crowded, but that's all part of the roadhouse thing I guess. They do have some specials, like meals for under ten buck before six o'clock Monday to Friday and that's probably when we'll go back because that's about what the food is worth. They have a website for more information.

Update 1/20/12- Well, we did indeed go back but that will probably never happen again. Once again I had to send the steak back. Now I believe they bill themselves as a steakhouse so I find this a bit ridiculous. Yes, they do make the correction but I'm 0 for 2 on getting it right the first time. Besides, I go to eat with my wife so we can eat together, not so I can watch her eat while my food is being re-fired and then having her watch me eat when it comes back.

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