Friday, April 22, 2011

Mixto Revisited

We went to Mixto last year and we had a good meal, and good service. I posted a favorable review and I got some comments on it. Some were good and some people asked if I was crazy. It seems that Mixto gets quite a range of reviews from very good to very bad. So we decided to go back and see if we were right, or if the other critics were right.

We started with the quesadillas and two of us had the taco bowls (pictured left). I had the BLAST, which is a bacon, lettuce, avocado, shrimp and tomato taco (bottom picture). I got one with the hard shell and one with the soft. I recommend the soft taco shell. I also tried the fried calamari. Teresa had a burrito. All were good, not great, but good.

The service was outstanding as our waiter checked on us frequently and helped us with our choices and the food was fresh. The prices are reasonable too. The whole thing, six items, came to well under fifty dollars.

I think that it's a matter of expectations when it comes to reviews. If you are looking for a top-notch gourmet restaurant, you may be disappointed. If you are looking for a good meal at a reasonable price, you may be satisfied. Mixto is good food at reasonable prices close to the river. Stop by and try them sometime and let me know what you think.

Check out my other review of Mixto, or you can visit them on facebook.


  1. I'd have to say that I've had both good and bad food there. The burrito i had there was awful, dry and blah, but the chile relleno was FANTASTIC. I would go back - just be careful what you get!

  2. We went there twice and it was much better the first time. I have a feeling there is an inconsistency to the cooking.