Friday, April 8, 2011

Lilly Logan's, Wappinger Falls, NY

Lilly Logan's is a place we've passed a few hundred times and wondered what it was like. The other day we decided to pop in and give them a try. It's an Irish bar with a reasonable menu ranging from Shepherd's Pie to fish and chips to burgers and paninis.

After looking over the menu I decided on the Black and Blue burger, medium, at ten bucks. Teresa ordered the Cajun Chicken Panini. My burger was very good, but closer to well done with plenty of blue cheese. Teresa looked at her panini and asked the waitress if it was the right one. It wasn't, they gave her a Southwest Panini instead.

My burger was somewhere between okay and pretty good. The panini was adequate. Overall, not bad but we aren't rushing back anytime soon. It does seem to be a friendly place and if anyone cares the ratio of women to men when we were there was quite high.

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