Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Flaming Amy's Revisited

We stopped at Flaming Amy's last year and loved the place. It smacks of kitsch and fun and I love some of the signs there, like, "Unattended children will be given expresso and a free puppy."

The last Time I had the Big Fat Greek Burrito, and I loved it, so this time I was going to order the same. I looked at the extensive (but not expensive) menu and I got the Po Boy Burrito. It was amazing. You know the feeling when you finish eating something really good and you don't want to eat or drink anything else so you don't wash that taste out of your mouth?Well, this was one of those times.

Teresa got the Tai Me Up burrito and we picked up a veggie burrito to go (shown at left) to bring home for our daughters.

Flaming Amy's is just a fun place to get a good cheap meal. In fact they say, hot, fast cheap and easy and it is. The staff is tattooed and friendly, the girl who waited on us had a big smile and she reminded me of Kat VonnD from LA Ink. Check out their website for more info, or friend them on Facebook.

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