Saturday, April 9, 2011

Charlie Brown's Steakhouse, Fishkill, NY

Charlie Brown's Steakhouse is one of those places we've been to many times and we've been hot and cold about it. Sometimes it's very good and sometimes we found them to be lacking. It had been a while since we visited one last so we decided to stop at the Fishkill, NY location and try them again.

We were seated promptly and when we got the menus we saw they'd made a few changes and a few things looked interesting. As we were deciding what to order the manager came by to see how we were doing and made some suggestions. That was nice. I decided on the seven ounce Filet Mignon with crab and bacon topping. I ordered it medium rare and it came a bit closer to medium, but not by much. What I did like was that the meat had rested long enough that when I sliced it the juices didn't come running out. The topping was good, but a bit bland.

Teresa had the Chicken Florentine shown here. She said it was good, but one of the pieces of chicken was juicier and tastier than the other. I tasted and agreed with her. We didn't leave much behind though, even after doing a good job on the salad bar. By the way, they have a good salad bar with plenty of choices.

Our total bill was around forty bucks for two good meals and good service. They have a website for more information.

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