Wednesday, February 9, 2011

National Hotel, Montgomery NY

When I was young, a very long time ago, The National Hotel was a dive bar that looked like it was just waiting to burn down. We frequented it anyway. Well, it did burn a few years ago and was rebuilt into a nice establishment under a new name. The name changed over the years and it's now called the National Hotel. Outside it is bright and white with the feel of an old fashioned hotel and restaurant from colonial times. Inside it has a darker feel and resembles a more continental look. Probably because it was reopened as an Italian restaurant. As I recall, it was a fairly good Italian restaurant at that.

My wife had been there a while ago for happy hour and she said the menu was pretty god, and reasonable so we decided to give it a try. It had snowed that day and it was cold out. When we went in the place was empty. Well, we were there and there was a waiter and I assumed someone must be in the kitchen too. We were told we had our choice of seats and we took a table. By the way, it was cold in there. The waiter brought the menu and it was very limited, bar food only. I decided on the cheeseburger, medium, with onion rings. Teresa had a sandwich.

The food took a while to come, but it looked good. Unfortunately it didn't taste all that good. Her sandwich was okay, my burger was less than mediocre. My medium was much closer to well and it had that burnt grease taste that only comes from being cooked in the broiler at too high of a heat. You know, when the grease comes to the top and gets burned into a char (please note the picture and the blackened edges of the burger) on the meat before any of it can run off. Personally, I don't like that taste. The roll was good and the onions rings were okay, what few there were of them.

We asked the waiter why the menu had been reduced and he replied that the cook had left so they had to limit it. I found out from someone else that the cook left months before. I don't know who prepared the meal then. I'd recommend caution going here. It is cheap enough, but there are better places within walking distance.

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