Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Burger Boyz, Newburgh, NY

My sister-in-law Laura told me about this place and I'd been meaning to try them for a while now. Today I was near Newburgh to get new tires on the Mustang and decided to swing down Broadway for a late lunch. When I got there I saw a large banner proclaiming that they had been voted as one of the best burgers in the Hudson Valley. The banner didn't say who did the voting, but it intrigued me. Remember that scene in Elf where Buddy goes into the restaurant because the sign said World's Best Coffee? Well, that's what I was thinking.

Inside it is bright and clean looking with a rather extensive menu. In addition to burgers they have pizza, dogs, cheese steaks, and a whole bunch more. I looked for a minute and decided on the number one special, a cheeseburger, fries and a drink for $6.99. When I ordered the nice girl behind the counter asked of I wanted bacon, chili or cheese on the fries. I went with the bacon and cheese. That drove the total to $8.91, tax included. I was given my soda and was told to take a seat, they'd bring it to me when it was done.

I chose a table near the window for the available light, and because it was on the other side of the restaurant from the group of children who were a bit loud. After about five minutes, my food was delivered to me.

The burger was good, not great, but good. They claim that it is fresh meat, never frozen, and I believe them. It was as good as any lunch counter burger I've had, and better than most fast food places, but not as good as a Five Guys burger. The Fries were good, they looked like they were cut right there, but I would have liked them a bit crisper. Then too, the cheese may have sogged them out a bit too. There was a ton of cheese and bacon on them and there were a ton of fries. I couldn't finish them but that's probably best since I do have a cholesterol test in the future and I could hear my arteries closing as I ate.

I don't know who they claim voted them one of the best, but if they asked me I'd put them about in the middle of the pack. Better than most fast foods, but nowhere near the best in the Valley. The bottom line is that you should try them, just don't expect too much. They have a website where you can find the menu and locations, as well as some coupons. They don't say on it who voted them one of the best though. If you find out, let me know.

Update- I went back again and reviewed them, here's the link.

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