Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ron's Original Bar and Grill, Exton, PA

Ron's Original Bar and Grill in Exton, PA has been around for a few years, twenty of them to be exact according to the water glasses at our table stating the year 2010 and twentieth anniversary in the same sentence. It sits above RT. 100 north of Lionville in a small strip mall, easy to find. It's a nice looking place with lots of stone and wood giving a warm old-fashioned look and plenty of ambience. The selection is large, and the prices are good. The service is very good too, prompt and courteous. The food . . . well I was disappointed.

I had the Buffalo Blue Burger, a certified black angus burger with buffalo style sauce, celery sticks and blue cheese dressing on a toasted bun with fries. You can see it above. The bun was good and toasted. The burger was cooked medium as I requested, and the quality of the meat was good too. The problem lie in the Buffalo Blue part. It was bland. That's right, it was bland. There was minimal heat, but no flavor at all. The Blue cheese sauce with the diced celery was watery and flavorless, the only thing it accomplished was to make a mess by running all over the place. The fries were cold, and a bit raw in the middle.

The other two dishes (there were three adults) were an eggplant parm sandwich that was good with a nice marinara sauce and a chicken sandwich that was greasy. Prices were good though as the whole thing was $24 plus tip. They have a website for more information.

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