Thursday, November 18, 2010

The New Inn, Salisbury, England

Not in London but not far away in Salisbury (that's the town that has a copy of the Magna Carta) is a place called the New Inn. I think it's called that because it is only two hundred years old. I went here while on a trip with 39 students and six chaperones last April. Well, my fist stop was to an outdoor outfitter to get a sweater and a hat as I was wet and freezing. After that, a hearty meal was in order.

It has a nice warm, comfortable feel to the place with lots of wood and a friendly staff (the restaurant that is, although the outdoor store was friendly too). I got the BLT and chips, with a Fuller's ESB or two from the cask. Good choices. The BLT in England is a bit different from the BLT here, and so much better. They use an artisan bread, thick sliced bacon, good greens and tomatoes. One of my party had the steak and ale pie and I tasted it. My BLT was good, but hers was better. I made a mental note to try one at the next lunch.

Overall, a nice experience. No website listed, but stop by if you happen to be in Salisbury for a good meal.

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