Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Montreal, New Orleans, London, Wales and Washington DC Restaurants

Here's what I'd call a bit of a miscellaneous file for restaurants we've hit on our travels. New Orleans is an interesting city, to say the least and I'd head back there for one reason: the food. Washington I'll hot more places in the future, including Arlington and Alexandria. London is a place I'd love to go to again, I just have to get Teresa on an airplane (not an easy thing). Montreal . . . we'll be headed back next summer. Great city and good food. The picture above is from Montreal, some really tasty crepes.


Sepal, Cambridge


Churchills Bar and Grill, Ambleside. Okay, this isn't in London, but it is close.

The New Inn, Salisbury Not in London either.


New Orleans-


Washington DC-

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