Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Black Cap, London

Okay, this is an interesting place to say the least. Last Spring I was in London with 39 teenagers and six adults on a tour of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Great experience and I'd do it again, but without the teenagers. Well one day we were up in Camden and I broke off with two other chaperones to look for lunch. We wanted authentic English pub fare and believe it or not, it was a bit hard to find. One place looked good, but all they served was Chinese. We saw the Black Cap and the sign did say Great British Pub Food so we went in.

On the ground floor was the cabaret which was closed at that hour and a sign announced that the food and bar was upstairs so off we went. As we ascended the stairs there were pictures of the performers on the wall and I didn't pay much attention, but Lisa did and she smirked. We entered the bar and asked if we could sit anywhere. The bartender said "sure" and proceeded to make a suggestive comment to the other male with us. We sat and looked over the menus and we all decided on the fish and chips. Can't get more authentic British pub fare than that, so we went to the bar and ordered. I like the English system where you order at the bar and pay in advance, plus the tip is included. You can leave additional, and I recommend you do for exceptional service. We ordered two Guinness and a Corona as well and sat down.

A few minutes later I realized what Lisa was smirking about when a man in drag came out of the ladies room. Then I took a look at the pictures on the wall and realized it was a drag club. That was okay with me, but the other guy was a bit uncomfortable about it and it seemed like he wanted to leave. We said we wanted to stay and after the food came I was glad we did. That was probably the best fish and chips I'd had in my whole stay. The fish was good and fried to perfection, as were the chips. Another pint to wash it down and we had a great meal for a good price.

If you happen to be in the Camden area of London, stop by and eat. It's a cool place and the food is good. They have a website, but it doesn't mention the food at all.

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