Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cold Spring Depot, Cold Spring NY

Cold Spring is a small village in Putnam County that started a boom a few years ago by becoming a destination for people from New York City who felt compelled to buy overpriced antiques and such to decorate their apartments. With the boom in antique and specialty shops, there came a boom in eateries, and new life for some old ones. We decided to take a ride over today partly because the view of the river is beautiful, especially at the peak leaf time, and partly because it was someplace we haven't been in a few years.

After we walked around a bit, and looked at some restaurant menus in the windows, we decided to eat at the Cold Spring Depot, the old railroad station. This place has been around for years, and according to their website, the current owner has been there for twenty-five years. We were seated outside fairly quickly (about ten feet from the Metro North train tracks), given menus and the waitress brought us water.

The waitress came to take our order and I said I was torn between the fish and chips, a panini, and the Brats and Hots, an Octoberfest special of a bratwurst sandwich and hot German potato salad for $12.50. She told me that I can get fish and chips there anytime, but the bratwurst was only available now. I decided on it and added a house salad with blue cheese dressing for $2.50. Teresa ordered the pastrami Rueben with fries for $10.99. It goes downhill from here.

Well, they certainly don't rush you here as we waited close to a half-hour for the sandwiches. Okay, my salad did come in the interim but it didn't take long to eat it as it was a small bowl of salad with watered down blue cheese dressing. As we waited we saw food being delivered to other tables and the people next to us got the fish and chips. Seeing it, I was glad I'd decided against it. The portion looked very small.

Eventually we got our food. Please note the pictures above. My $12.50 bratwurst sandwich was not much more than a moderate sized bratwurst on a roll that was only a notch above a hot dog roll. The hot German potato salad was more like room temperature and lacking in any flavor whatsoever. Seriously, no vinegar taste, no salt even. The potatoes were cubed and cooked inconsistently too. Some were hard as a rock, and some were mushy. Teresa's eleven dollar Rueben was small and greasy, but at least there was flavor. The fries were greasy too, but better than my potato salad.

As we finished, the waitress reappeared and asked if we wanted coffee or desert. I said, no, we were ready for the check. Ten minutes later she came back and asked if we wanted coffee or desert. I said no, we were ready for the check. Well, I think it took another ten minutes before she came back and asked the same question again when I said, "This is the third time I've asked for the check. Can I finally get it?" She apologized and returned with it in a minute and promised to take it right away. I paid in cash simply because I didn't want to be there any longer. I was ready to leave my name and address on the table along with a note telling them to send me the bill as I was tired of waiting. Total bill, $29.00, plus tip for two crappy sandwiches and a small salad.

The bottom line is this, overpriced mediocre food delivered with poor service. While it wasn't terrible, it was extremely disappointing. I guess the only reason they have a crowd there is because the same people who buy overpriced antiques and such are used to paying more to get small portions of mediocrity with poor service.

They have a website, but I'm not giving it to you. If you want to go there, you're on your own. I'm not going to help.

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