Sunday, August 15, 2010

Victory Brewing, Downingtown, PA

We've been here a few times before and I've had some really good food, and some mediocre food. I've also had some great beer, and that's every time I've been there. This time I decided to stay away from the burger and try the pizza. My son-in-law Brian said they're good and he ordered the one below, the Angry Pizza.

It has BBQ chicken, a BBQ sauce made from Hop Devil beer, jalapeno peppers, and some ham I think. Nice taste with some heat. Comes in two sizes, personal and large. I recommend the large and you can have some to take home if you can't finish.

I had the Stockyard Pizza, pepperoni and sausage on a good crust. The sizes are the same as the one above. I had the Uncle Teddy's, a really good cask bitters, to drink.

Here's the website for directions and stuff.

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