Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Union Square, Newburgh, NY

Union Square is one of those places we've been to a lot in the past, but haven't been to in a while. The food has always been good there, never really great, but good. The service has always been excellent however, and they have a range from burgers to gyros to seafood. I always thought of it as the type of restaurant that used to the mainstay of the area, Continental in nature. You know, steaks, club sandwiches, and a cocktail. Actually, if you go back far enough this was a Howard Johnson's and we went there on Fridays for the clam sandwiches and a milkshake.

Well, we decided to go out to dinner to celebrate the last day of freedom before returning to teaching (we're worse than the kids sometimes) and debated where to go. Union Square won out, and we won out too as this was the best meal I've ever had there. In fact it bordered on great.

What am I raving about? The Shrimp Carbonara, which was one of the specials to celebrate their twelfth anniversary. Take a look at the picture and see. Not that the picture is all that great since I left the Nikon home and the point and shoot flash washed out the light colors of the food an the white plate. I adjusted the color post-facto, but it came out nowhere as pretty as the original. It came with choice of soup or salad, a choice of a glass of beer or wine (the beer was Miller light so I took the wine), and fresh, warm bread for $16.95.

That Shrimp Carbonara was delicious. It had plenty of bacon mixed in, tomatoes and plenty of properly cooked shrimp over penne pasta with a delightful sauce. Did I say bordering great? No, they hit great on this one. Teresa had a chicken dish at $15.95 that came with all of the above and a side of rice pilaf. I tasted her chicken and it was cooked just right.

Oh, they make really good pizza there too and you have a choice between traditional and brick oven, I recommend the Greek pizza. I don't think they have a website, but you can find them at 93 New York 17K in Newburgh, right near the intersection with Union Avenue. The phone number is (845) 567-3800.


  1. In all the years I've lived over here I have never tried Union Square. We will definately have to go and check out though, based on this review. It will be a welcome change from Fridays/Longhorn. :) We planned on going out to dinner as well to celebrate the end of summer (tomorrow for the kids) followed of course by milkshakes at the ice cream stand! Good luck with the upcoming year, hope it's a good one.