Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mixto Restaurant, Wilmington, NC

One of the cool things about doing this blog is discovering great restaurants. Now granted, I have to sift through some losers once in a while, but it's all worth it when we come across a great find. Mixto Restaurant, at 5 S. Water Street in Wilmington, NC, is a great find. Actually, we didn't find it on our own, our daughter Rachel suggested it to us. It wasn't crowded on an early Saturday evening and we were asked if we wanted to eat inside or out. It would have been nice to eat outside, but it was a bit muggy so we dined inside. The decor is interesting and they had plenty of wait staff. Parker took care of us and he did a great job.

They brought some fresh nachos and the house salsa that was delicious which we tasted while we looked at the menu. After some deliberation with the menus I was all set to order the Cubano sandwich, but I got the Baja Shrimp Skewers at $18.50 and Teresa ordered the Chicken Burrito at $8.50. Mine came with choice of soup or salad so I opted for the salad. I had a choice between house or Caesar and ordered the Caesar, pictured above. Good choice! It had a large anchovy on top (I know that this can turn some people away, but I love them) and the dressing had a rich true Caesar taste.

The Baja Shrimp Skewers turned out to be a fantastic choice. There were three skewers of large shrimp, roasted vegetables, and a potato patty all covered with this delightful sauce that had a hint of heat with a touch of sweet. Perfect portion, cooked perfectly. I only wished I had some bread to sop up the remaining sauce, the nachos just didn't work well enough for that purpose.

And to top it all off, I did something which I rarely do, I got desert. They have a chocolate jalapeno ice cream for $5.00 and I just had to try it. It was good. The chocolate was the predominate flavor and tamed the jalapenos, but a hint of heat came through. Very subtle and tasty. I recommend it. As a matter of fact I recommend everything about Mixto. By the way, Chef Eric Gephart was named chef in Wilmington of the year for 2010. He personally brought the desert out to us and asked how everything was.

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