Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Best Burgers of the past year.

I started this blog over a year ago, and got serious about it last June. I started to track it in July and since then I've had 6,500 page views from 45 countries, 46 states. I decided to look back at some of my favorites over the year, and share them. Some of the listing are for a specific burger and some are for any burger at that location.

Best Fast food burger-
1. Five Guys little cheeseburger (I'm not sure I'd really classify them as fast food, but it fits here)
2. Checkers
3. Fudruckers
4. Sonic

Best sit down burger- Casual dining
1. Chiles Smokehouse jalapeno
2. Ruby Tuesday Triple Prime
3. Red Robin Burnin' Love

Best Brewpub Burger
1. Front Street Brewery Bacon Blue Cheese burger
2. Iron Hill Brewery, West Chester, PA
3. Goose Island, Chicago, Ill

Best Bar Burgers
1. Bacchus, New Paltz
2. Drafting Room Exton, PA
3. Ward's Bridge Inn, Montgomery, NY
4. Sweeney's MVP, Walden, NY Buffalo Blue Burger
5. Rick's Runway Cafe, Montgomery, NY

Worst Burger
1. Elsie's, Wallkill, NY

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