Saturday, November 21, 2009

Coneheads, Walden NY

I mentioned before that Walden has two ice cream places. One is a traditional custard stand, and the other, Coneheads, is a walk-in place open all year. I decided to stop by today and see what they do in the line of food and I was quite pleasantly surprised.

Located at the Thruway Shopping Center, Coneheads is in a former bank building. It is spacious inside, and very clean. What I found surprising was the prices, very reasonable. I had a cheeseburger deluxe, which came with a large portion of crispy fries and a can of soda for just under six bucks. The burger was simple, but good. Cooked right and not greasy at all.

I looked at the ice cream prices and a large shake was $3.25, with the ice cream cones just as reasonable. They have a nice selection of flavors, both soft-serve and hard, as well as ice cream cakes.

Keep Coneheads in mind when you want some ice cream in the winter, or a nice ice cream stand type burger.

Update- This restaurant is now closed.

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