Thursday, July 16, 2009

Grandma's Country Pies and Restaurant, Colonie

About fifteen years ago I was in Albany on business and was taken out for lunch to Grandma’s Country Pies and Restaurant on Central Avenue. It was good, real good. Later I took my wife there when we were shopping and it was real good then too.
A few years later we were at the LLBean store and remembered Grandma’s, but I forgot where it was. We drove up the road in the wrong direction, and gave up. This time when we went up I looked online, got the directions, and punched them in the GPS. Well there it was and it looked the same as fifteen years ago.
There was a busload there at the same time, but we got seated fast and the waitress took our orders. The food also came fast. Now here’s the thing, I remember the food as being really good. This visit I’d rank it as ‘okay’, nothing to rave about, but nothing to complain about. I wonder though if the food was the same as always, and that my tastes changed, or did it slide a bit in quality? My guess is that they are consistent and are making home-style food the way Grandma used to make and if that’s what you’re looking for, than definitely pay a visit.
Desert, however, was every bit of what I remembered. The pies are outstanding. I had the Napoleon Apple Pie and my son had the Berry Medley pie. That made the visit worth it.

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  1. They have one of these in Yorktown Heights on 202 - same deal there..great desserts but food can be outstanding or ok, depending on the day. Used to love their chicken and mashed potatoes and tuna melts...mmmmm, I'm hungry! Hey, when you come home can you help me with google analytics? My cluster maps show visits from all over, including a library in Chukchi, Alaska near the Bering Strait who I've been chatting with, Hungary, Belgium, etc...and folks from CA that I talk to, yet Google doesn't pick it up. Have fun and this is way too long for a comment. Your GPS post on Maria Hart totally cracked me up!!! Have you read Nina's blog on British vs. American English...hysterical...check it out


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