Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Big Easy

Teresa and I were in Montgomery, Alabama for a family wedding and we had a couple of days to do something different. We looked at the map and said, “Hey, New Orleans is just a five hour drive,” so off we went. We got there in the afternoon, spent the night, and came back the next day. After walking the city for about seven hours straight, I have a few observations, and a few reviews to share. The reviews will follow over the next few days.

First of all, New Orleans is a nice place to visit and they sure are tourist oriented. Everyone is friendly and helpful. The city is easy to get around, and there’s just about everything you could want there, and a few things you don’t want. We got a kick out of seeing the girls sporting their ‘wares’ outside of the strip clubs, and we wondered why anyone would go in after seeing the ‘models’ hanging around outside. They were, um, let’s say unattractive.

The main draw is the food, and that’s awesome and diverse. Try the seafood since it’s fresh. The beer is plentiful, but be careful about buying beer on Bourbon Street. I had a nice Abita Amber for three bucks, and a nice stout for ten-fifty. I won’t mention the name of that place, but it’s the one with about fifty taps in it.

Walk up and down the streets and listen to the music. Good music, bad music, and everything in between. I watched a man play a harmonica for a half-hour and listened to a 495 pound man sing the blues. I also heard a guy singing who’d make a cat in heat sound good.

They even have a place where you can watch cigars being made, and buy them for a reasonable price. All in all, New Orleans is a nice place to have visited. I’m glad I went there so I can say, “Hey, I’ve been to New Orleans.” What would bring me back though, is the food and the music.

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