Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Chili's Newburgh NY

One of my favorite chain restaurants, and the one I find consistently good, is Chili’s. We have visited a few locations and have never had what we could call a bad experience. Oh sure, there were a few minor mistakes with an order, but they weren’t terrible and were corrected immediately. I’m talking things like having the appetizer come immediately before the meal, or my wife getting the wrong order. They are predictable and reliable and have become a nice stand-by when we want a good meal, but don’t want to try a new place. Our closest Chili’s is the one on Union Avenue in Newburgh and I’d recommend it highly.

Chili’s is famous for their ribs and you have quite a few good choices here, especially when you make your own combo, but since this is a burgers blog let’s talk about the Big Mouth Burgers. They used to make this great chipotle blue cheeseburger, but unfortunately they discontinued it. Since then, my new personal favorite is the Jalapeno Smokehouse Bacon Burger. Here’s how Chili’s describes it, Extra thick-cut applewood smoked bacon topped with smoked cheddar cheese, crispy tortilla strips, jalapeños, mayo, shredded lettuce, tomato and onion. Served with jalapeño-ranch dressing.” Here’s how I describe it, delicious. Just look at the picture above, the bacon is bursting off the burger.

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